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Maureen Sevilla

Personal Needs Pricing

My word count pricing is based on the writing quality and style, and the number of edits I expect to do. I do three for most of my authors, and I still recommend having a fourth, a final read. Not mine or yours, but a new set of eyes, should check the work before the book is published. Then having a few beta readers wouldn't hurt. New authors are always surprised by how many little errors sneak through each edit.

If you don't want these other steps we can work something out. But unless an author doesn't need developmental edits, I really need to do edit # 2 because of my editing style. During development, I don't focus on punctuation and grammar. There are always more punctuation cleanups after changes. 

For  shorter novellas, if I only do one edit, I usually start at a base price ($150) about $0.0025 per word for the first pass up to 50K or $0.0035 per 1K ($200 for two passes). The price per word could vary based on the quality of the work. 

Now for your price...GRIN. Because my price is based on the quality of the writing and style, I will do a sample edit for free on a 1K word excerpt from your manuscript when you submit that and a short one page synopsis, before I price your work.