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Writing Short...

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For many years, I’ve been an avid romance reader, writer, and an editor. More recently, I’ve also been working as a writing coach and an independent editor, expanding my experience beyond content, copy, and romance editing to other genres. I maintain an eclectic taste in reading, which is what keeps me open minded.

After being invited to do a presentation about "writing short" for a conference, several notions came to mind. Before I retired from the corporate world to write fiction and edit, I wrote non-fiction: ads, newsletters, catalogues, educational material, and presentations for a marketing company. I clearly understand the reason why writing short needs to provide maximum impact whether writing ad campaigns, taglines, or book blurbs. Every word counts.

A few ideas, some painful analysis, and a great deal of research later, I hope to help other authors understand the idea of condensing a concept without losing the essence of the writing. Keep the flavor and the spice even when you choose to reduce the size of the recipe.

The one exceptional thing I identified while preparing the presentation was how to take theme and compress the ideas to efficiently write something short yet interesting. And guess what? This process can be reversed for those of you who struggle to expand into longer books. The concept of condensing or expanding relies on your scope of vision. Condense the essence but leave the reader satisfied.

Find an editor with similar vision. The magic word in quality critiquing or editing is…suggestion.

Maureen Sevilla