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Editing for style, structure, grammar, and punctuation from first round to final edits and formatting.

If you need content editing and editorial advice on plotting or characterizations, pacing or conflict, I can point out solutions..

Maureen Sevilla

10 Years Small Press Editing
The wild Rose Press
Experienced with everything from submissions through final galleys for ebooks and print...Produced award-winning books in several genres.

Even experienced authors, like professional athletes need coaching from time to time. If you're new to publishing or an old pro,  you get help through the rough spots.

Everyone has a story inside them. Maybe it's time to tell yours.

I've been copywriting for years but only in the second half of my life did I begin to write fiction. In the last fifteen years while editing, I've been honing my craft and, as a result, also helping others hone theirs. I'm going to write more books about writing, do a few workshops, and a host few webinars. 

Follow my blog, where I'll share writing tips, and if you need additional help, every year I accept a limited number of clients.

We should work together. Shoot me a message today!

Copy editing - Formatting

So...you want to be
an Author?

Specializing in content and copy editing.

Advice from the editor of several best selling and award winning books.

If you need a writing coach or editor, I may be able to help.


Independent Editing 
My experience in traditional publishing and independent self publishing include editing NY Times, USA Today, and Amazon best sellers, as well as a RoNA Award Finalist.
I've been married forever.

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